Emotional Release Therapy
What is Emotional Release Therapy?
   It is an easy and quick way of releasing life's painful emotions. It is not hypnosis.
 What can it help with?
   ERT can help remove painful, destructive emotional states such as: depression, grief, fear, guilt, anger and anxiety ,etc. Post traumatic stress, crime victims, auto accident victims, child abuse and more.
   Painful, negative emotions and beliefs cause our lives to be less joyful, less fulfilling and more difficult. This is a quick and painless way to relieve ourselves from the burden of negative feelings and emotions.
   Unlike counseling, the client doesn't even have to tell the ERT therapist what they are experiencing unless they wish to-they just release it.
  Because emotions are often the cause of physical pain and issues, these issues may be helped with ERT and ERT Body Talk as well.
  Emotional Release Therapy was developed by an Ordained Minister and Healer named Walter Weston. He found that this method enhanced his counseling sessions and many times, made the counseling sessions he did unnecessary.
I have been using ERT on myself, my family, friends and clients now for several years and LOVE it with or without hypnosis and other therapies. It can clear the way to better healing prior to hypnosis or anytime during hypnosis to clear negative emotions hindering my clients' progress.  It is also a "stand alone" method I go to often.
This is a simple and easy method good for a variety of issues.
One or two sessions are usually all it takes to feel much better.
Call (540) 987-9507 or email me at:  Erin@truehearthypnosis.com to schedule a session.
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